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Hypnosis is a method to bring people into a trance-like state and to get access to the subconscious of the hypnotized person.

Hypnosis describes both the technique and the hypnotic trance itself.

It is often assumed that the hypnotized person falls into a deep sleep - but this is wrong!

In the hypnotic trance you are simply in a relaxed and anxiety-free state of complete relaxation.

This state allows quick access to your unconscious thinking and feeling, as well as an altered self-perception with more imagination and creativity.

In fact, everyone is in "hypnosis" several times a day without realizing it. For example, shortly before falling asleep or waking up, while daydreaming, reading an exciting book or doing concentrated work.

Hypnosis is a proven method in psychotherapy and coaching to help people overcome problems and change their lives for the better. With a so-called hypnosis coaching often deeply rooted problems, fears or blockages can be solved. The resources and competencies for this are usually already present in the subconscious and can be specifically activated with the help of hypnocoaching.

Hypnosis is also wonderful for children: a gentle technique that can relieve children and their parents!

I completed my hypnosis training with Dr. Norbert Preetz at the German Institute for Clinical Hypnosis. This training was a real transformation for me. I was able to experience what can be achieved with hypnosis and how quickly and effectively people can be helped.

Hypnosis can be wonderfully combined with coaching and is an absolute enrichment for all people I am working with.

International certified hypnotist of the National Guild of Hypnotists, New Hampshire, United States