Family Coaching

Conflicts, tensions and dissatisfaction can arise in any family.

There can be many reasons for this, such as the loss of a family member, the illness of a relative, outdated patterns of behavior and roles, as well as feelings of being overwhelmed, neglected, exhausted and stressed.

All these events and feelings can trigger a real crisis in the family.

My coaching offers you support to implement the desired changes in your family life.

Be curious, we are going on a journey!

Welcome to the "Familyboat"

I will accompany you on the journey in the "Familyboat" over three stages.

  • We explore and clarify the individual roles and their significance in your family.
  • We create mutual understanding for your own individual wishes and needs .
  • You will find common strengths, strategies and other treasures that will help you to promote or revive your sense of family and unity.

Our motto of the journey: discover together, appreciate and grow!

Good to know: The image of a sea voyage also appeals to younger children and so this concept enables even the youngest children to empathize with and understand different roles.

I completed my certification for "Systemic Coaching and Systemic Change Management" at INeKO Institut an der Universität zu Köln .
I am still very closely associated with the INeKO Institute. I accompany the coaching training courses offered by INeKO as a supervisor, teaching coach and also as a co-lecturer.

I am enthusiastic about the mindTV method and regularly exchange ideas with the training team and my mindTV colleagues. Together for our clients, we support each other with our experiences and tips and thus allow each other to grow steadily.

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