Visualization coaching for adults

Negative Emotions

Many people carry around a lifetime of negative feelings, painful memories and beliefs that keep blocking them in certain life situations.

It is never too late to deal with yourself and to get professional support.

Common topics are: anxiety, sleep, relationships & family, work/professional, habits and beliefs.

Find answers with the mindTV method

Starting with the first session you will go on an exciting discovery journey! You will experience Ah-ha-moments and you notice changes.

Feelings like doubt, insecurity and fear are deeply rooted in the subconscious. Through guided visualization, these mental handbrakes become tangible and thus solvable.

We look at your 'movie of life' in which all experiences and adventures are stored: With the help of your imagination you rewind to the key moments that are linked to the topic that bothers you.

You discover and change deeply hidden patterns that lower your self-worth or keep tripping you up in relationships.

You will find answers hidden deep in your subconscious.

You gain clarity about the real reasons of your concerns and you find your own solutions.