Visualization coaching for kids & teens

Unwanted feelings

Every problem, whether it is related to family, school, or friends, always has an underlying unwanted feeling associated with it.

Everything that stresses us and makes us sick is stored precisely in the subconscious.

With mindTV we find the point in time when the problem arose. Playful and simple. Together we can solve the problem in such a way that it does not become physically or psychologically stressful.

Common topics are: school, fears, ADHS/ADS, concentration, sleep, toilet, habits.

The power of imagination

Very often a new perspective is already enough. I would like to show you how this can also help your child to be happy, courageous and self-confident.

  • Instead of talking at length with your child about their problem, we go on an exciting and insightful journey.
  • We first look for any distressing feelings. Your child will easily be able to describe what those feelings look like; what can be seen, can also be removed.
  • It is amazing what children see in sessions and the answers they find.

The mindTV method

Experiences that one makes as a human being remain stored in the movie of the life. With the power of imagination, one rewinds this movie to the key moments that are linked to the problem or concern.

Feelings such as fear, anger, pressure, frustration or sadness can hold children back. It blocks and prevents them from developing their potential. Such negatives can be transformed into objects and removed with mindTV.

mindTV is an extremely fast and effective visualization method that can be used to get rid of negative feelings, emotions or habits that have accumulated on a conscious or subconscious level.

Brochure for download (currently only in German)   mindTV Infos für Eltern

I completed my certification for "Systemic Coaching and Systemic Change Management" at INeKO Institut an der Universität zu Köln .
I am still very closely associated with the INeKO Institute. I accompany the coaching training courses offered by INeKO as a supervisor, teaching coach and also as a co-lecturer.

I am enthusiastic about the mindTV method and regularly exchange ideas with the training team and my mindTV colleagues. Together for our clients, we support each other with our experiences and tips and thus allow each other to grow steadily.

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