# lookinsideyourself

With my coaching we build states of mind that make your life worth living and fulfilling.

With absolute appreciation, respect and compassion, your basic need for mental sanity, balance and care will be met.

My coaching follows a solution-focused and resource-oriented approach to use and further build on existing strengths and set up signposts to help you live a good, satisfied life.

The goal is always that you go home after the first session with a significant improvement in your mood, with a smile on your face and the good feeling of having a plan that suits you individually.

Your Concern

In coaching only you are in the center with your concern and your topics.

With empathy and sensitivity I accompany you to see your concerns from other perspectives, to get to know yourself from other sides and to work out your ways to the desired change in your life.

In doing so, we illuminate your emotional levels, your subconscious, your deep inner self.

What your head tells you, you probably already know anyway.

I as a coach take care of the coaching process, the methods and tools - I don't deliver solutions... These are already inside of you - it would be a waste if we don't make use of them!

The Special Space


With my coaching I will create a special space for you, where you feel comfortable - but most importantly safe. Safe in terms of trust that everything discussed will be treated confidentially.

I work on all topics with you absolutely free of judgment and with absolute appreciation.

Everything is allowed, everything may be, everything is possible. 

You are allowed to be yourself: A human being - in all its facets.

The special space is your own space - a space full of possibilities.

I completed my certification for "Systemic Coaching and Systemic Change Management" at INeKO Institut an der Universität zu Köln .
I am still very closely associated with the INeKO Institute. I accompany the coaching training courses offered by INeKO as a supervisor, teaching coach and also as a co-lecturer.

I am enthusiastic about the mindTV method and regularly exchange ideas with the training team and my mindTV colleagues. Together for our clients, we support each other with our experiences and tips and thus allow each other to grow steadily.

Please also visit the mindTV Website .

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