Hi, I am Caro!

Adventurer at heart,

Advocate for your own potential,

Consistent in making absolutely free decisions - even if the consequence is sometimes inconvenient.

My favorite phrase: You can do it!

On this page I would like to tell you a little bit personal about me.

Maybe my story will inspire you.

A journey of many

Since my childhood it was an inner urge for me to be able to be the way I am. And with that, the deep desire for liberation and independence arose in me very early: I wanna get out of here! And the most obvious thing was to become independent - to earn money as soon as possible, to have my own apartment and to live my own, free life. Thought, done...

From vocational training, to my first own apartment to self-chosen single parenthood. Pregnant and the decision: comfort zone or freedom? Well provided for & secured in the house of the parents-in-law ... or ...

I decided for freedom with all its consequences: single parenthood and standing on my own two feet. Even though I already felt at that time that this independence had its price: It was okay!

The mega-safe "dream job" - completely against my nature!

I spent over 30 years in an absolute dream job in the eyes of many: great colleagues, great career opportunities, good salary and the security that so many wish for. I always felt well taken care of, it was never "painful" to be there. But so much was, in truth, completely against my nature.

Things in my job became more and more crazy and out of my control: decisions were made about me - but without me!

More and more responsibilities, obligations and demands. The company made decisions and chose new paths which at some point no longer corresponded with my values.

I let it happen and drifted further and further down the spiral in which I didn't want to be... accompanied by sleep problems and teeth grinding.

The Cherry on the Cake

So I continued to run in that much talked about hamster wheel. But you don't just give up a job like that! Or ????
Until a phone call with a former colleague, to whom I told about my increasingly regular self-doubts - or rather - questions to myself: "What am I doing here?" and "How much longer are you keep doing this?" His response made me wince:
"You know, Caro, sometimes you just have to bust your ass and do what makes you happy!" 
This simple sentence was the cherry on the cake / the icing on the cake / the last bit that was missing - or whatever else the thesaurus spits out. Exactly this sentence confirmed my inner voice, which had been telling me for so long "I don't want this anymore".
Now the time had come - I sat there and knew: That was it with my job!

The fulfillment

I've always enjoyed being there for people, helping, being a mentor. From Change Management to Coaching - these topics have inspired me. The training as a Systemic Coach and every single coaching with a wide variety of people has made my heart beat faster and brought about something in me that I could not yet fully comprehend.
Giving people a space and absolute appreciation. Being able to share my "you-can-do-this" mentality with them - that simply warms my heart. Facial expression, body language, big smiles ... everything changes in a person who gets encouragement and a hearing and is allowed to be completely himself.
Working with children and teenagers I have come to know and love. Helping them to free themselves from burdensome feelings such as fears, stress, pressure, etc. All with lots of fun, boundless imagination and amazing results. And at the same time bring some relief to their parents.
That's what fulfillment means to me! Who cares about the rising pay grade when you can change lives?

Am I your "You can do it" human?

If you feel that I might be your "you-can-do-it-human", feel free to contact me now.
I don't offer prefabricated solutions where you simply click on "book". With me you will find real conversations with a feel-good factor, a deep interest and a completely individual offer, tailored only for you.
  • We work together in individual appointments or over a longer period of time.
  • If you wish, we are in close contact after or between the appointments. You may ask yourself what for and why?
    Surprise!! Because after the coaching session the intuition continues to work and the self-healing powers are activated. A lot is working inside you or your child - and I am there when I am needed.
  • You can also book an "emergency session" with me, because life often happens unplanned. For this I keep weekly individual appointments free in my calendar, which I do not assign through normal appointment requests.
As you can see, it's all about what you need. We look at this together in a very first conversation.

Do you feel the tingling in your fingertips?

This is the magnetic urge to contact me!