Glad you are here!

Hi, I am Caro!

I offer visualization coaching for kids, teens and adults.

My coaching follows a holistic approach where we work on all levels:
the rational, the emotional and the physical level.

We use images because they are the main language of the subconscious mind.

We watch TV in our mind.

We visit your inner world.

We visualize emotions and transform them into colored objects.

We find memories, reshape them & remove painful thorns.

We fill gaps with positive feelings.

We discover switches & knobs, turn positives up and negatives down.

We permanently change deeply rooted emotions & feelings and increase your self-confidence.

Whatever issue is slowing down, holding back, frightening, bothering or saddening your child or you: with images in your mind you can actively influence and change your own perception.

As a coach, I help my clients to find their own solutions. Visualization is an extremely effective method for this. We find answers. Once we have answers, we can work with them and initiate the desired positive change.

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